Fender Lines

Fender Line

Premium Yacht Quality, Double Braided, UV Protected.  Nylon fender lines offer excellent strength and have excellent abrasion resistance. The double braided construction is stronger than traditional three-strand lines and is also easier on the hands. Each line has a professionally spliced loop and a heat sealed bitter end.

Fender Line
Fender Line

F386 - Double Braided 3/8" x 6ft., Tensile Strength: 4,100 lbs.  
F389 - Double Braided 3/8" x 9ft., Tensile Strength: 4,100 lbs.

F126 - Double Braided 1/2" x 6ft., Tensile Strength: 7,300 lbs. 
F129 - Double Braided 1/2" x 9ft., Tensile Strength: 7,300 lbs.
F1215 - Double Braided 1/2" x 15ft., Tensile Strength: 7,300 lbs.
F1225 - Double Braided 1/2" x 25ft., Tensile Strength: 7,300 lbs.
F1235 - Double Braided 1/2" x 35ft., Tensile Strength: 7,300 lbs.

F5825 - Double Braided 5/8" x 25ft., Tensile Strength: 14,600 lbs.
F5835 - Double Braided 5/8" x 35ft., Tensile Strength: 14,600 lbs.